Pakistan at a crossroads

Pakistan stands at a crossroads, where past meets present and national identity meets regional influences. It does not seem to be at a crossroads, as some have described, between a nuclear-armed democratic state vs. a nuclear-armed failed state.

World Notes: Puerto Rico, Colombia, Gaza, Italy, Kenya, Nepal

Puerto Rico: Workers nix layoffs, privatization Colombia: Lawyer says Dole pays for murder Gaza: UN report blames Israeli army Italy: Migrants sent back to Africa Kenya: China steps up ties Nepal: Resignation provokes gov’t crisis

Labor's special friend

Barack Obama the presidential candidate declared that the nation needed 'a president who doesn't choke on the word 'union.'' But now that Obama has assumed the presidency - and good riddance to his virulently anti-union predecessor -- is he delivering on his promise to lead a pro-union administration?


Postcard from Havana on May 1

HAVANA -- More then 500,000 gathered from all parts of this socialist island nation to celebrate the International Workers Day. Also being celebrated was the 70th anniversary of the Confederation of Cuban Workers (C.T.C.).


My day at a Havana hospital

HAVANA -- After several visits to Cuba, that included a night at the Ballet, visits to primary schools, and to Havana University, I had not as yet visited a Hospital. That changed when I surrendered to the pain in my right shoulder, caused by my pulling my luggage off the baggage carousel at Jose Marti Airport.


Cuba’s response to flu Fly ash Investigate human rights abuses in Gaza May Day Stories


WORLDNOTES - Germany, Ethiopia, Australia, Ecuador, United Arab Emirates, Cuba

Germany: Nuclear withdrawal a campaign issue Ethiopia: Arrests pose quandary for U.S. Australia: Controversy over refugee rights Ecuador: President Correa wins Cuba: Foreign ministers hear from Raul Castro

Israel bombs Gaza, denies UN report

Tel Aviv, May 6 (Prensa Latina) Israeli planes bombed underground tunnels on the southern Gaza border with Egypt, with Tel Aviv describing a UN report as biased which denounces Israeli aggressions against UN offices in the area. Israeli military planes flew over the Philadelphia Corridor separating Gaza from the Egyptian Sinai and destroyed three arm traffic routes to Gaza, with no victims reported, according to Israeli military forces and Palestinian media reports.

Military veterans in Maine, Arkansas and around the country are calling for quick passage of the Employee Free Choice Act this week. In cooperation with national veterans groups, these veterans are holding meetings, writing letters and speaking about the need to restore the basic freedom to form a union and bargain for a better life.

Obama admin. launches renewable fuels programs

President Obama took two major steps this week to expand the use of renewable energy sources. First, he ordered the creation of a new administration 'biofuels working group.'

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