Spell it out Labor law system is broken Pakistan at a crossroads

WORLDNOTES, Venezuela, Iraq, Myanmar, Spain, Nigeria, Cuba

Venezuela: Nationalizing key industries Iraq: Corruption leads to food shortages Myanmar: Democracy leader faces more jail time Spain: General strike hits Basque region Nigeria: Delta conflict grows Cuba: New economic difficulties


Students don hard hats in unique school-trades partnership

PHILADELPHIA — “We need the best people here. If you have a trade, a skill, no one can take that from you.” This was the advice Frank Marsh of Iron Workers Local 401 gave to the 40 Philadelphia high school students who attended Youth Safety in Construction Day here May 22.


Blue Cross millionaires scared to compete

The boys running the show at Blue Cross in North Carolina are running scared. They're worried that President Obama is going to treat them like autoworkers and make them actually compete in the market. The Blue Cross boys think that they belong in the same league as the Wall Street bankers and should just be allowed to collect their multi-million-dollar salaries without being forced to worry about things like competition.

LETTERS, May 30, 2009

NM heroes Tortured times We survived Bad dream You might like socialism Need more Marxism

World Notes: Puerto Rico, Colombia, Gaza, Italy, Kenya, Nepal

Puerto Rico: Workers nix layoffs, privatization Colombia: Lawyer says Dole pays for murder Gaza: UN report blames Israeli army Italy: Migrants sent back to Africa Kenya: China steps up ties Nepal: Resignation provokes gov’t crisis


Cuba’s response to flu Fly ash Investigate human rights abuses in Gaza May Day Stories


WORLDNOTES - Germany, Ethiopia, Australia, Ecuador, United Arab Emirates, Cuba

Germany: Nuclear withdrawal a campaign issue Ethiopia: Arrests pose quandary for U.S. Australia: Controversy over refugee rights Ecuador: President Correa wins Cuba: Foreign ministers hear from Raul Castro

Obama admin. launches renewable fuels programs

President Obama took two major steps this week to expand the use of renewable energy sources. First, he ordered the creation of a new administration 'biofuels working group.'


Life-changing Single-payer May Day in Havana Free Roxana Saberi Happy May Day

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