GOP peddling same old failed policies

The coincidence of Sept. 11, the war and a global recession mark the end of the neo-liberal age, a span of 20 years of unrelenting (ruling) class warfare against working families.

Crisis at LTV

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Once again, the owners and managers of the LTV steel corporation are jeopardizing the jobs, pensions and health care of 100,000 Northeast Ohio residents.

Colombias Communist Party meets in Bogota

BOGOTA, Columbia – Under the banner “Por Una Patria Nueva” – For a New Country – over 1,500 people gathered at the Gonzalo Jimenez De Quesada Convention Center here Nov. 8 for the opening session of the 18th Congress of the Colombian Communist Party.

Pressure to overhaul unemployment

DALLAS, Texas – Jim Lange has worked at LTV for 27 years and the company has filed for bankruptcy twice.

Workers lose at WTO meet

George Becker, in a message from Doha, Qatar, told the United Steelworkers of America (USWA), “The apparent goal of the [World Trade Organization] at this session in Doha is to eliminate forever the idea that trade and labor rights can or should be linked ... Indeed, if the existing language on labor rights, as weak as it is, is rolled back, it will be a major defeat for workers the world over.”

Afghan childrens fund: show us the money

“America’s Fund for Afghan Children” – this is the name George W. Bush has given his “dollar for Afghan kids” drive. My daughter received a letter from her school requesting that she bring a dollar in for this drive.

Its official! Economy in recession

AFL-CIO President John Sweeney said the Nov. 26 announcement that the economy was now officially in a recession confirmed what America’s working families have known for months.

Labor takes a stand for justice

On Sept. 11 thousands said goodbye to their families and went to work. Thousands died that day, including 600 union members. Thousands continue to labor at Ground Zero, recovering the remains of the victims and clearing the smoldering rubble.

Steelworkers struggle to survive

BURNS HARBOR, Ind. – Bankrupt Bethlehem Steel and the United Steelworkers of America (USWA) are meeting with creditors in Pittsburgh to hammer out a proposal on a revised contract for submission to the bankruptcy judge.

As Maine goes, so can the nation

Maine has been leading the country in driving down the cost of prescription drugs and in the last two months has moved to do the same for health insurance. In September, the Maine legislature enacted a bill to set the wheels in motion for establishing a universal health-care system for all Maine residents.

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