Republican right takes heavy hit in N.J. vote

The labor movement and its allies are celebrating the crushing defeat of Republican Bret Schundler and the victory of Democrat James E. McGreevey in New Jersey’s Nov. 6 gubernatorial election.

World Editorial Board member wins election

Denise Winebrenner-Edwards, People’s Weekly World editorial board member, won re-election to the City Council in the borough of Wilkensburg, Penn., right outside of Pittsburgh.

City Council victories, mayoral defeat

EW YORK – While returns from the Nov. 6 election across the country show a setback for the GOP, Republican Michael Bloomberg became the 108th mayor here, defeating Democrat Mark Green by a slim 40,000 votes.

Ohio workers fight

ASHTABULA, Ohio – For months Ohio’s public employees’ unions have been sounding the alarm over Governor Taft and the right-wing Republican Legislature cutting funding for government services.

Laundry workers gain support

HIGHWOOD, Ill. – “Viva la huelga, viva la union,” chanted striking laundry workers, their families and supporters as they marched and rallied here Nov. 2.

America's disappeared

She did not attend the Oct. 28 memorial service at the World Trade Center in New York for those who died there Sept. 11. Instead she wrote to President Bush asking his help to find her son, who had left the house for work shortly before the first plane barreled into one of the towers and she has not seen him since.

Firefighters struggle for dignity

NEW YORK – In the glare of local TV news cameras, two more leaders of the Uniformed Firefighters Association (UFA) surrendered to police custody, Nov. 5, at the First Precinct just a few blocks from the remains of the World Trade Center disaster.

Bush plan puts profits before air security

George W. Bush proved that he remains a fanatical advocate of privatization as he spearheaded a drive in the House to block a Senate bill that would federalize airport security.

Use of U.S. ground forces = new dangers

Although U.S. and British “special forces” have been rumored to be on the ground in Afghanistan since the beginning of the bombing on Oct. 7, it wasn’t until last week that the Pentagon and Bush administration acknowledged the deployment of U.S. ground troops to Afghanistan.

Coalition calls day of youth action for peace

Thousands of high school and college students and other young people around the country are organizing marches, teach-ins, demonstrations, vigils and other creative actions on campuses and in communities as part of a national day of action Nov. 15.

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