Charleston Five agreement detailed

CHARLESTON, S.C. – In a stunning reversal, the Charleston Five, union longshoremen who spent nearly 20 months under house arrest for daring to picket a non-union shipping company, were freed after South Carolina Attorney General Charles Condon was forced out of the case.

Seattle protests FBI raid

SEATTLE – Chanting, “Being a Muslim is not a crime,” more than 200 people marched here Nov. 7 to support civil rights for Somalian residents.

Rally blasts Bush giveaways to rich

CHICAGO – Several hundred people, including many who were attending the national convention of USA Action, rallied in the State of Illinois Plaza here Sept. 14 to denounce the Bush administration’s giveaways to the rich and to demand help for people affected by Sept. 11 and the current recession.

NYC firefighters fight City Hall and win

NEW YORK – Amidst the burning rubble of the World Trade Center, firefighters continue to extinguish the two-month-old fires and search for the remains of thousands still buried there. Just as it should be.

NYC homeless and hungry grows after 9/11

NEW YORK – The number of homeless and hungry in New York City is increasing.

Conyers challenges Bush on tribunals

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Conyers and other Members of Congress hold press conference to express concerns regarding the administration’s actions on Military Tribunals and Anti-terrorism.

Private airport security firms get the boot

Privatization, the holy Grail of the ultra-right, has taken some heavy hits since the Sept. 11 terrorist attack and not just because the heroes were public employees – firefighters, emergency medical workers and the police.

Peoples Weekly World: An alternative news source that needs your support!

After the record-breaking fund drive of National Public Radio, it is clear people want to hear the stories from the alternative media. The alternatative media reports the stories censored by the corporate media.

They had no turkey for Thanksgiving

When I talked to her the Monday before Thanksgiving, Carolina Morales was standing in line at the food pantry run by St. Maurice Catholic Church in Chicago’s Southwest side. She had come to pick up sacks of food that, she said, “will make it possible for us to have dinner on Thanksgiving. It won’t be turkey and fixings, but it will be a decent meal.”

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