Pentagon war in Colombia - another Vietnam

CHICAGO - Deepening U.S. military involvement in Colombia is part and parcel of Washington's blueprint to politically and economically dominate all of Latin America, said panelists at a recent forum here. If allowed to continue, they said, the Pentagon's escalating involvement could well lead to another 'Vietnam-type conflict' of huge and uncontrollable proportions, spilling well beyond Colombia's borders.

9/11 gives NYC elections more importance

The following is a statement issued by the Communist Party of New York on the Nov. 6 mayoral election

Building a majority movement for peace

The people of our country and the world are facing difficult days. Many fear they will be victims of terrorist attack, including bioterrorism. Some fear loss of a loved one in military action in Afghanistan or elsewhere. Millions are jobless or fear it.

Lessons learned from Sept. 11

On Thursday, I waited in line for four hours to be tested for anthrax. On Monday, I had been in the area of the U.S. Senate building where the bacteria had been found. I was, therefore, called and told I should be tested.

How to have a truly happy holiday

Are you looking ahead to the holiday season with anxiety as well as enthusiasm? Do countless hours of preparation sometimes leave you too stressed and tired to enjoy the actual celebrating? Are you disappointed that the true meaning of the holidays often gets lost in commercialism?

Santa Claus came to town for the rich

Santa Claus made a pre-Christmas visit on Oct. 24, showering billions of dollars in tax breaks on the rich and shelling out more billions as outright gifts to some of America's richest corporations.

Global unions aims Day of Action at WTO

Like many other areas of life, the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks changed the anti-globalization movement. Unions, youth, community and church organizations and coalitions felt the need to reconsider strategy, tactics and basic aims.

Comedian has lung damage from smoking

Comedian Robert Klein's stand-up routines are so clever that he charms audiences of all ages during his popular HBO specials and frequent stints on the late-night talk show circuit.

Cluster bombs resemble food aid

LONDON - The U.S. has been forced to broadcast radio messages warning the people of Afghanistan not to confuse food parcels with cluster bombs that are also being dropped over parts of the country. In an embarrassing admission of the danger posed by such weapons, the U.S. has warned that from a distance the two items could be mistaken - both are roughly the same size and both are bright yellow.

Children die as U.S. war widens

According to the U.S. State Department's fact sheet, the war being waged in Afghanistan is not a war against the Afghan people, it is a war against terrorists. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld has said the U.S. attacks are 'focused totally on military targets.'

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