Donald N. Wheeler, Communist, dies at 89

Donald Niven Wheeler, a scholar, dairy farmer and longtime member of the Communist Party USA, died in Seattle, Nov. 8. He was 89.

Toronto International Film Festival 2002 Part 1

Progressive Cinema When’s the last time you went to see a progressive film and the theater was packed, standing room only? And the audience thundered approval throughout the film, climaxing with a standing ovation and applause throughout the entire final credits? And the filmmaker came running down the aisle through the cheering crowd like a hero at the Olympics? And then he stayed around to answer questions from the audience?

Growing Frankenfish out at sea

Opinion The Department of Commerce and a little-known sub-agency called the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) are pursuing a radical plan to develop fish feedlots two to 200 miles off our oceans’ coasts. This alarming plan would effectively privatize parts of the ocean for large corporations.

A personal tribute to Paul and Sheila Wellstone

I knew Minnesota Senator Paul Wellstone for 20 years. We met through our involvement with MPIRG, a Ralph Nader- organized and student-directed public interest group. When I started work at a rural legal aid office representing low-income farmers, Paul was working to organize farmers to push for a minimum price like the minimum wage.

Fighting for peace and justice

Students join with labor / Youth flexes power to stop war Over the past few years youth and students have become more active in living-wage legislation, union drives, anti-sweatshop campaigns and anti-globalization protests.

Bush funds voucher front group, targets Blacks

Reprinted from The Black Commentator The Bush administration is directly funding a media campaign by the Black Alliance for Educational Options (BAEO), the school vouchers propaganda outfit created by the far-right Bradley Foundation. The blatant political nature of the gift could not be plainer. “We want to change the conversation about parental choice by positively influencing individuals who are resisting parental choice options and get them to reconsider their outlook,” said Undersecretary of Education Gene Hickok, announcing a $600,000 grant to the BAEO.

Economic consequences of the elections

During the election campaign, the Bush administration and its allies may have set a new record for lying about their economic agenda. Tax cuts for the rich are cited as “economic stimulus.” Privatizing social security (and cutting benefits) is called “individual choice.” A bill written by the drug industry is called “prescription drugs for seniors.”

JWJ banquet honors fighters for justice

SEATTLE – After years of hard work to organize Washington’s apple industry, a major breakthrough was announced at the Second Annual Awards Banquet of Washington State Jobs with Justice (WSJWJ).

International notes

Iraq: Doctors warn Iraq war would be ‘catastrophe’ / Colombia: Army detains farm workers’ union leaders / India: Rally kicks off anti-war campaign / Germany: Public workers threaten strike / Argentina: Workers take over bankrupt factories

Violence in Hebron heralds dangerous developments

The incident on Friday evening, Nov. 15, in Hebron, during which 12 Israelis and three Palestinians got killed and 14 wounded, is a further sharp escalation of the mutual retaliation-for-retaliation-for-retaliation cycle of violence which is ripping Israeli and Palestinian communities apart.

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