Bush admin. steps up anti-Cuba moves

While the majority of the U.S. public supports ending the embargo against Cuba and normalizing relations, the Bush administration took another step in the opposite direction.

Chinese Communist Party Congress tackles problems, elects new leadership

The Communist Party of China (CPC) held their 16th Congress, Nov. 8-14, which inaugurated a blueprint for the first 20 years of this century, amended the CPC Constitution concerning the theory and nature of the party and inaugurated a succession between the third and fourth leadership generations. The 2,114 Congress delegates represented 66 million CPC members.

Elections show need to organize, organize, organize

Commentary Republican right-wing control of all branches of federal government on behalf of the biggest corporate and military monopolies is a most dangerous step back for economic and labor rights, democratic and civil rights and peace. The warning light is flashing.

War protests grow

The threat of war with Iraq brought protests from both sides of the Atlantic last week as a contingent of women announced their intention to conduct a four-month, 24-hour-a-day vigil near the White House, major religious organizations urged a peaceful resolution to the Iraq crisis, and the British Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) threatened legal action to prevent its government from attacking Iraq without explicit United Nations approval.

National Clips

BALTIMORE, Md.: Cuba aids Black farmers / LOS ANGELES: Workers freed from sweatshop get U.S. residency / ELK GROVE, Ill.: Long lines at the airport and unemployment office / DETROIT, Mich.: Corporate tax cuts = layoffs in juvenile court / WASHINGTON, D.C.: Judge William Webster forced to resign

Communists meet: Aint gonna let no Bush turn us round!

NEW YORK – “The dominant mood today is to continue to fight,” Sam Webb, Communist Party national chair, told National Committee (NC) members at its meeting here, Nov. 16-17.

ILWU at a key juncture in contract talks

LOS ANGELES – The situation remains tense on the West Coast as dock workers and employers continue to battle on a contract in the wake of the ticking time clock of the Bush administration-imposed Taft-Hartley 80-day cooling-off period, which will end on Dec. 27.

Inspectors in Iraq, Bush still pushes war

Even as UN weapons inspectors deplaned in Baghdad, U.S. officials were charging that Iraq was in “material breech” of UN Res. 1441 requiring it to “reveal and abandon” all weapons of mass destruction.

Three weeks remaining in the PWW Fund Drive!

Around the country, districts are working hard to complete their goals in the 2002 People’s Weekly World/Nuestro Mundo Fund Drive.

Senate OKs spying, rewards big biz

Rejecting appeals that they first read the 484-page Homeland Security bill, the Senate voted 90 to 9, Nov. 19, to approve the measure creating an enormous new cabinet-level department with a budget of $38 billion. The House approved the measure a few days earlier.

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