UN to Bush: End the blockade against Cuba

'Hasta la vista, blockade!' Cuban Foreign Minister Felipe Perez Roque delivered a blistering speech to the United Nation General Assembly Nov. 4 calling for the end of the U.S.-imposed embargo against the socialist nation.

Palestinian Peoples Party: Accords basis for peace

The “Switzerland Agreement,” also known as the “Geneva Accords,” is an important political “mechanism that should be built on” to reach a just and lasting peace in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, according to a statement issued by the Palestinian People’s Party Oct. 29.

Is the draft on the drawing boards?

Is a return to compulsory military service – the “draft” – on the Pentagon drawing boards?

Veterans Day vigils spotlight costs of war

WASHINGTON – Veterans for Peace held a vigil outside Walter Reed U.S. Army Hospital on Veterans Day and reported to the media of their visit with wounded soldiers, demanding that all U.S. troops be brought home from Iraq alive and well.