Small town takes on Tysons greed

Opinion They say you should never watch sausage being made, but if you want to see something really disgusting, check out the way Tyson Inc., the world’s largest meat company, is treating the good people of Jefferson, Wis.

Cintas hit for sweatshop methods

NEW YORK – Calling for an investigation into sweatshop conditions at Cintas facilities that service 11 universities nationwide, workers detailed serious abuses of workers’ rights at a press conference unveiling a report submitted to the Fair Labor Association and the Workers Rights Consortium by UNITE.

Pondering the teacher shortage

Workers’ Correspondence There is no arguing that teaching is one of the most emotionally draining professions due to the fact that teachers must put so much of their personal selves into their work every day.

Decent paying jobs still elusive

Despite Bush administration claims that there’s an economic recovery underway, the latest employment figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics offer a grim picture for several key categories of workers.

Miami police state actions condemned

MIAMI – Calling it a “military operation,” Stop the Free Trade Area of the Americas organizers condemned the “unprecedented, unnecessary and unprovoked” police use of force here Nov. 20 against law-abiding, peaceful protesters.

UFCW nationalizes picket lines

Union workers turned up the heat in the health care wars this week as striking grocery workers methodically advanced their campaign to “nationalize” their picket lines.

As thousands demonstrate: 'Free trade' deal stalls in Miami

MIAMI – While the Bush administration had hoped last week’s ministerial meeting here would pave the way for a Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) agreement in 2004, giving U.S. corporations a green light to further plunder the hemisphere, what it ran into instead was resistance from developing nations and thousands of demonstrators in the streets. click here for Spanish text

Tyson workers vow to keep up fight

“Another day longer, another day stronger.” That’s how striking Tyson Foods worker Sherri Anderson summed up the status of what is shaping up to be an epic labor battle. AFL-CIO President John Sweeney visited the picket line in Jefferson, Wis., on Nov. 7 to show the federation’s support for the striking food workers.

Boycott these turkeys!

Supermarket entrances up and down the Golden State were the focus of grocery worker strike support activities this week. Three thousand longshoremen held a work stop meeting during a rally in front of the Albertsons store in the Los Angeles harbor town of San Pedro on Nov. 10. Several days later, 150 of the 70,000 grocery strikers packed their placards into buses and vans for a 500-mile trip north to the state’s Bay area where on Nov. 16 they spread their picket lines to Safeway stores in San Jose, San Mateo, Contra Costa County and Fresno.

Marchers say FTAA No Way!

MIAMI – As thousands of union members, environmental and human rights activists massed here to protest the Free Trade Area of the Americas summit, hundreds of community activists from low-income neighborhoods, immigrants and farm workers completed a 34-mile, three-day march on Nov. 18, chanting “Free Trade, No Way!” to the beat of drums and music. Leafleters gave out information to the onlookers. Motorists honked and flashed peace signs.

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