National Clips

ATLANTA, Ga.: Patriot Act inspires dictatorships, says Carter; BIRMINGHAM, Ala.: The Cubans are coming! The Cubans are coming!; El PASO Tex.: Racial double standard in U.S. Army; WORCESTER, Mass.: Workers strike French company

Big push to block GOP energy bill

WASHINGTON – Calls resounded on Capitol Hill for senators to block enactment of the 1,000-page Energy Policy Act, a Christmas tree laden with sugarplums for the oil and gas monopolies. The House approved the energy bill 246-180, with 46 Democrats joining 200 Republicans in support, on Nov. 18.

Seniors slam Trojan horse drug bill

WASHINGTON – Senior citizens, African American, Latino and white, packed the ornate Senate Caucus Room Nov. 19 and cheered as speakers blasted a prescription drug plan that provides meager drug benefits for some senior citizens while opening the door to the privatization of Medicare.