In three key states, labor takes stock

After a hard-fought battle, Minnesota voters gave their state to John Kerry, but they also reshaped the balance of power in the state Capitol by trouncing a score of Republican state legislators.

Story of Emmett Till wins Hamptons prize

Movie Review The Untold Story of Emmett Till Documentary by Keith Beauchamp

This Bear Cub is big and burly

Movie Review Bear Cub Spain Opens in NYC Nov. 5, Los Angeles Nov. 19 and other cities in November and December

Spend Happy Hour with LaPaglia and friends

Movie Review Happy Hour Starring Anthony LaPaglia Now playing in New York and Los Angeles

Texas progressives outvoted

DALLAS — George W. Bush improved his 2000 win in his home state by 3 percent. He won Texas with 62 percent, although he did not do as well in the major cities. Dallas County went for Bush by 53 percent in 2000, but his margin was 50-49 in 2004.

Dems stun conservatives in Saginaw Township

SAGINAW, Mich. — When you discuss politics in the suburbs surrounding Saginaw, you generally bring up God and guns. Progressive politics has been completely off the radar ... until this year’s election night.

Moral issues sway Missouri voters

ST. LOUIS — Voters here came out in record numbers, according to city elections officials, who reported an 88 percent turnout of registered voters. This compared to 67 percent in 2000. Statewide, one in 10 cast a ballot for the first time.

Can both worker rights and civil rights win in hotel talks?

In the current hotel conflict, most attention has focused on the proposed contract length and the dispute over who pays health care benefits. But another issue also separates the two sides — civil rights and the relationship between African American and immigrant workers.

My son, a Marine

My husband has been a Naval officer for 25 years now, which may have a little to do with our son, Trent Helmkamp, joining the Marines through their Delayed Entry Program in June 2003. He was 17 years old and had just finished his junior year of high school.

Grassroots organizing wins big at America West

The announcement of victory spread to airports across the nation at lightning speed after the nearly 3,200 customer service representatives at America West won their union election on Aug. 17. It was the largest union election victory for workers under the Railway Labor Act in over a decade, and the largest private sector union win in the country in over five years.

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