War at age 11 -- Film review of 'Innocent Voices'

In El Salvador in the 1980s, little boys worried about girls, school, playtime and turning 12. On their 12th birthday, they expected the soldiers to come and take them away.

China steps up measures against bird flu

As bird flu outbreaks continued among wild and domestic fowl in China, the government greatly expanded its poultry vaccination program along with large-scale culling of domestic poultry in affected areas. At the same time, Chinese scientists prepared to test the first human-use vaccine against bird flu.

Starve the poor budget approved

WASHINGTON – The Coalition on Human Needs (CHN) denounced as a “spectacle of greed” a House vote Nov. 18 to approve $50 billion in cutbacks to food stamps, Medicaid, and other vital benefits for the poor over the next five years even as the Republican leadership pushed for $70 billion in tax cuts for the rich.

Vets march 225 miles to nearest hospital

SAN ANTONIO — Twenty veterans, mainly in their 50s and from the Vietnam War, observed Veterans Day by marching 225 miles from the Rio Grand Valley area in South Texas to San Antonio to protest the lack of medical care in their area.

Veterans for Peace campaigns against war profiteers

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Around 100 Members of Veterans for Peace and their supporters began a campaign against war profiteers with a picket at the Radisson Hotel in Sacramento on Veterans Day, Nov. 11. As they arrived, some rowdy looking bikers holding signs saying, “If you like free speech, thank a Marine,” jostled with the veterans. But after an hour-long counter-protest, the pro-war bikers roared off into the horizon.

New York: Big bucks means big win for Bloomberg

NEW YORK — Incumbent Republican Michael Bloomberg defeated progressive Democratic challenger Fernando Ferrer by 19 percentage points in the Nov. 8 elections, in a city where Democrats outnumber Republicans five to one. The big question, as taken up in the news media and by democratic forces, is: Why?

Why Murtha, and what it means

PITTSBURGH — “Big John” Murtha, representative to the U.S. House of Representatives from Pennsylvania’s 12th District, which covers Johnstown and Washington, Pa., is a no-nonsense kind of guy from a gritty no-nonsense district.

14,000 people rally at the gates of Fort Benning

FT. BENNING, Ga. - Thousands of people converged Nov. 19 here for the vigil to close the School of the Americas.

Should the United States Harbor an International Terrorist?

That's the headline of a wonderful, powerful, full-page appeal in the November 18th New York Times to the families of the victims of 9/11/01 from the families of the victims of 10/6/76 when the Cubana passenger jet was blown up, killing all 73 people aboard.

Rep. Murtha calls for change in direction

The following is the transcript of the news conference Thursday by Representative John Murtha of Pennsylvania, as provided by Federal News Service.

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