CITGO to Distribute Heating Oil at Discounted Prices

HOUSTON - CITGO Petroleum Corporation plans to begin distributing heating oil at discounted prices next week as part of an initiative aimed at helping poor communities in areas of the country most affected by cold winters.

Democrats Have Proof Pre-War Intel Was Manipulated

Senate Democrats have dug up additional explosive evidence over the past week that they say will help prove the Bush administration deliberately manipulated pre-war Iraq intelligence that was used to convince Congress and the public to support a pre-emptive strike against the Middle East country in March of 2003.

Lawyer Richard Klugh explains aspects of the Cuban Five appeals process

Richard Klugh is an appeals process expert with the Public Defender's Office in Miami. A graduate of Harvard University, he has more than 25 years of experience as a jurist which has led him to determine that this case (of the Cuban Five) is very different.

House Democrat calls for immediate withdrawal from Iraq

WASHINGTON (AP) - An influential House Democrat who voted for the Iraq war called Thursday for the immediate withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq, another sign of growing unease in Congress about the conflict.

National Security Adviser was Woodward's source, attorneys say

National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley was the senior administration official who told Washington Post Assistant Managing Editor Bob Woodward that Valerie Plame Wilson was a CIA officer, attorneys close to the investigation and intelligence officials tell RAW STORY.

Get Rich Or Die Tryin looks beyond rappers image

As an actor, 50 Cent has zero charisma. As a rapper, he’s electrifying.

Speaking truth through poetic activism

CHICAGO — As these beautifully written words speak to the audience, Naima Penniman, 24, poetically captures her listeners. Naima and Alixa Garcia, 24, are weaving their words as a spoken word duo called “Climbing PoeTree” during a performance on this city’s South Side.

Venezuela defends against assaults, lies

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez spoke to French industrialists on Oct. 26: “Fidel and I are conspiring ... against death, against hunger, against misery, against diseases, against that poverty that grinds down our people. We are helping as many people as we can, not only in America, but throughout the world.”

Peace rings out in nations distant corner

PORT ANGELES, Wash. — Every few weeks Erika Hamerquist performs a grim duty. She crosses the hayfield on her family’s farm a few miles outside this town and with a paintbrush revises the big sign that records the number of U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq.

Bringing common sense back to school discipline

In March of this year, many of us watched in horror a nationally broadcast videotape of 5-year-old Ja’eisha Scott being handcuffed by police officers and tearfully taken away for throwing a temper tantrum at school. Far from being an anomaly, Ja’eisha, a kindergartener at Fairmount Park Elementary School in St. Petersburg, was yet another casualty of Florida’s policy of criminalizing children for an overly broad range of conduct at school.

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