Whats wrong with Bushs immigration reform plan?

President Bush’s “guest worker” program is supposed to deal with the issue of undocumented immigration. Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao made a presentation to the Senate Judiciary Committee Oct. 18 in which she outlined the administration’s approach. Though she specifically declined to endorse any existing legislation, it is clear that the Bush plan is essentially the same as the Cornyn-Kyle guest worker bill, S 1438. This approach, which offers only a temporary guest worker program, is unworkable and anti-worker and will do nothing but worsen the situation of undocumented immigrants and all workers. Here’s why.

Editorial: Giving thanks for workers toil

When Abraham Lincoln decreed the Thanksgiving holiday in 1863, the country was divided and at war. For the first time, millionaires emerged from war profits and workers and farmers knew poverty and homelessness up close and personal. Children worked in factories

Editorial: No refuge for Bush

Lame duck presidents, weary of being hammered by critics at home, typically flee to foreign capitals. Their hosts are bound by diplomatic courtesy not to call them “liar” “thief” or “war criminal.”

Battered by Katrina, Gulf Coast workers stand up

NEW ORLEANS — Gail Andrews, a quiet, unassuming African American woman from New Orleans East, found her mother two weeks after Hurricane Katrina. Six weeks later, she lost her again. This time forever. At age 68, Andrews’ mother died.

Theory of Dumb Design may explain Pat Robertson

Televangelist’s brain, mouth elude other theories, experts say Out of the controversial debate pitting the theory of evolution against the theory of intelligent design has emerged a new theory, dumb design, which some experts believe may explain the televangelist Pat Robertson.

Janitors seeking respect

“Can you live on $6.30 an hour?” read one sign as University of Miami students and faculty joined janitors and local clergy in a demonstration along U.S. Route 1 outside the campus Nov. 10.

This week in labor

Reds to study globalization; Scabs and plutonium-238; Healthy settlement for S.F. strikers; Kentucky AFL-CIO: ‘De-privatize health care’

Medicare Part D is a dog

Medicare has no control over the Medicare Part D prescription drug plan. It is the insurance companies and HMOs who will run Part D. Of course they will do this for their own profit. And Medicare is not allowed to even bargain for lower prices. Huge cost overruns are expected as prices go up. Those will come out of Medicare funds and endanger Medicare itself.

CARA convention vows to fight Bush agenda

LOS ANGELES — On the heels of a stunning Special Election victory, the California Alliance for Retired Americans (CARA) held its second annual convention, “Turning outrage into action,” in Anaheim Nov. 9-10.

Lorain voters defeat Wal-Mart

LORAIN, Ohio — A union-community coalition delivered a sharp rebuke to Wal-Mart Corp. in the Nov. 8 election here. Voters in this northern Ohio steel center overwhelmingly defeated a ballot referendum that would have permitted city authorities to rezone a west side residential area in order to bring in a Wal-Mart store.

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