The Spirit of No on 76

LOS ANGELES — Everyone is interpreting the Nov. 8 California elections as a vote on the political performance of the state’s governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger. This is true. However, the vote was more about political program. Public policy was on the ballot, not personalities. The stand the voters took on policy should be the primary guide for political action in 2006.

N. Calif. PWW event raises $10,000; Honors peace and justice groups

OAKLAND, Calif. — Rejecting the governor’s anti-people agenda, bringing our troops home from Iraq and using resources for human needs instead of war and occupation — these were the themes of the Northern California People’s Weekly World banquet held here Nov. 5.

War, budget cuts ignite voter rebellion

WASHINGTON — President George W. Bush’s smear tactics failed to silence his growing opposition as the peace movement and defenders of the poor stepped up their fight against the Iraq war and a Republican proposal to cut $50 billion from federal programs for low-income Americans.

Victory for Southwest copper miners; Cross-border solidarity key to win against Asarco

TUCSON, Ariz. — Four long months of holding the picket line have ended in victory for copper strikers in three mines, a concentrator and a smelter in this state and a refinery in Amarillo, Texas

Chicagoans protest naval academy

CHICAGO — With banners reading, “No Military Academy at Senn High School, Teach Peace” and “End the Militarism in Public Schools, Schools are for Learning not for Recruiting,” parents, students and community residents protested at the dedication ceremony for Rickover Naval Academy at Nicholas Senn High School here Nov. 7.

Sacramento says, Bring the troops home!

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — The Sacramento City Council, by an 8-1 vote on Nov. 1, called for “a humane, orderly, rapid and comprehensive withdrawal of United States military personnel and bases from Iraq.” The council also asked Congress and President Bush to deliver “promised veterans’ health, education, disability, and rehabilitation benefits, and otherwise meet the needs of returning veterans.”

Martina Cruz wins election

LAWRENCE, Mass. — Community and peace activist Martina Cruz handily won her race for a seat on this city’s School Committee with 65 percent of the vote in the municipal elections Nov. 8. Cruz is also known as an activist for working families and had the endorsement of the Merrimack Valley Central Labor Council.

Food stamp cuts would hurt poor, immigrants

Congressional Republicans have gone on a budget-slashing rampage, working to ram through drastic cuts in food stamps and other basic social safety net programs, drawing such wide opposition even some of their own members are objecting.

Hearts and souls captured in the lens: Working people still in focus for Milton Rogovin

Is there a more sensitive photographer than Milton Rogovin? Has anyone ever brought out the heart and soul of the camera’s subjects the way Rogovin does?

France: racism, poverty lead to violence

Fires burned across France this week as young people from immigrant families, mainly from North and West Africa, protested life on society’s working-class margins

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