DeLay whipping up judicial circus

HOUSTON — Texas played musical judges in former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay’s (R-Texas) criminal conspiracy case, as a DeLay-promoted judicial circus unfolded.

Lawmakers push for Iraq exit in 2006

With George W. Bush increasingly isolated, the antiwar movement this week demanded that Congress act to bring the troops home or face ouster in next year’s congressional elections.

Mounting uproar over secret CIA prisons and torture

Shakespeare’s line, “When troubles come, they come not as single spies, but in battalions,” may well apply to the Bush administration. On top of Iraq and New Orleans and the debacle of Harriet Miers, comes what could be a huge international scandal affecting the United States and its relationship with allies in Eastern Europe and elsewhere.

Sam Webb to speak on socialism

NEW YORK — Sam Webb, national chair of the Communist Party USA, will speak at Winston Unity Hall here Nov. 20 on the subject of socialism — the specific U.S. path towards socialism and what it might look like in this country.

Bush faces wrath of Latin America

George W. Bush had rough sledding in Argentina last week. U.S. officials had planned for free trade to be up and running throughout the Western Hemisphere by the end of this year. But the 4th Summit of the Americas, held Nov. 4-5 in Mar del Plata, decided otherwise. Outside, a march and rally of tens of thousands at an alternative People’s Summit rejected Bush’s agenda and called instead for “Latin American dignity.”

California voters rebel against corporate agenda

Across the nation, elections signal trend against right-wing politics The Republican pro-corporate agenda took a beating in many states Nov. 8 in what could be a sign of things to come in the 2006 midterm elections.

Irish leaders arrest provokes outcry

The arrest of Seán Garland, president of the Workers Party of Ireland, by British police at the request of the United States has provoked an international outcry. Critics say that the arrest of Garland, an Irish citizen, is an attack on Ireland’s sovereignty.

Hurricane Wilma hits Cuba but no one dies

Hurricane Wilma hit Cuba from all sides. On Oct. 17, on its way west to Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, the hurricane dropped torrents of rain on eastern Cuba, and five days later, en route to Florida, Wilma engulfed Havana and flooded low-lying farm areas along Cuba’s northwest coast.

Television: Tales from a couch

OK, I’ll admit it. I don’t have TiVo. I don’t even have cable. In fact, I really only get one channel perfectly. But am I going to let any of this stop me from telling you what to watch on television?

How imperialism fomented Islamist violence

President Bush has just repeated his foggy-brained assertion that somehow al-Qaida and “communism” are the same. Robert Dreyfuss, who writes for Mother Jones and The Nation, has now produced a book which shows that, in fact, Western governments had a significant hand in creating and supporting Islamist extremism, precisely to repress communism and other secular left-wing movements.

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