Who is Ron Paul?

It is relatively easy to see why far-right presidential candidate Ron Paul of Texas is driving some of the other Republicans crazy. He clearly won the straw poll after their first debate.

Australian elections: historic victory for labor movement

The decisive defeat of the right-wing Coalition government in the Nov. 24 federal elections was a great victory for the labor movement, for the thousands of rank-and-file trade unionists and members of the Australian Labor Party (ALP), for YourRights@Work groups and thousands of rank-and-file workers.

Chavez warns of plans to destabilize Venezuela

MERIDA, Venezuela — President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela has warned of new plans to destabilize the country after the national referendum set for next Sunday, Dec. 2. He also said he has new evidence of attempts to assassinate him and called on the Venezuelan people to be on alert for any subversive actions in the coming week.

Communists call for ouster of far right

NEW YORK — Members of the Communist Party USA national committee meeting here Nov. 10 heard Sam Webb, the party’s chairman, say that “in the struggle against the ultra-right we are at the cusp of a political conjuncture which could shift things in favor of the working class.” After “a quarter century of domination,” he said, the right is finally losing momentum.

Unite against racism

Racist provocations and violence are on the rise and a cause for great concern. Racism represents a grave danger to our nation.