EDITORIAL: Shopping & dropping

“Black Friday” has become a peculiar American institution. Retailers have promoted the day after Thanksgiving as the opening of the holiday shopping season, counting on this day to roll in a good percentage of their yearly sales — to get them out of the “red” of loss and put them in the “black” of profit.

GOP recruits millionaires to replace those who fly the coop

NEW YORK — Republicans are hoping to retake control of Congress by recruiting right-wing millionaires to run for office in districts now represented by pro-labor and antiwar representatives elected in 2006.

Home foreclosures are now at 2 million per year: What you can do to save homes

Home foreclosures will remain at the rate of 2 million per year well into 2008. Before the crisis is over, 3 million families — homeowners and renters — may have been kicked out of their homes, often losing everything in the process.

Grabbing food from mouths of babies

WASHINGTON — This is the season for feasting and good cheer. But President Bush, like Ebenezer Scrooge, is waging a mean crusade to force more than half a million poor women, infants and children off the WIC nutrition program.

Development must benefit all city residents, Oakland summit says

OAKLAND, Calif. — Over 400 Oakland residents joined in a community summit Nov. 17 to project their vision of economic development — a vision featuring well-paying jobs, affordable housing, a healthy and safe environment, and steps to overcome the severe income and employment gaps especially affecting working-class families of color.

Kid Nation: harmless TV or capitalist propaganda?

CBS’ “Kid Nation” may profess to be a highbrow social experiment mixed with “reality” TV, but is it plausible to expect a group of early teens and preteens to build a viable “society” in a New Mexico ghost town abandoned many years prior?

Thousands assail Justice Dept. inaction on hate crimes, police killings

WASHINGTON — Demonstrators outside the Justice Department on Nov. 16 and at a concert the next day protested the Bush administration’s refusal to crack down on hate crimes and racist police brutality sweeping the nation.

Oregonians demand fairness for immigrants

SALEM, Ore. -- A large gathering of people of faith, labor activists and workers and local civil rights activists gathered last week at St. Vincent De Paul Church here to commit to building a regional immigrant rights movement.

Who is a patriot?

I attended the United for Peace and Justice demonstration in New Orleans on Oct. 27, which called for an end to the Iraq war, opposed military aggression against Iran and supported the long overdue rebuilding of New Orleans. I felt proud to stand next to Veterans for Peace, Vietnam Veterans Against the War and other peace-promoting organizations.

EDITORIAL: Pilgrims without papers

Three hundred and eighty-six years ago a group of undocumented immigrants and native-born Americans feasted together for three days to celebrate a successful harvest made possible by mutual cooperation.

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