Young Communist leader speaks to Texans

DALLAS — The national coordinator of the Young Communist League, Erica Smiley, spoke to audiences in Dallas and San Antonio, Texas, Nov. 2-6. While she was primarily on tour to boost the People’s Weekly World fund drive, she also sowed seeds for a stronger youth movement.

POEM: Hey Bush

Hey Bush step back. Stop trying to kill Iraq. You devil that’s a fact. Stop trying to act.

Where should we go? How did we get here?

Even though we can point to a number of promising developments in today’s trade union movement, the declining membership numbers nag away at our hopeful attitude. After the General Motors and Chrysler contracts gave a grim edge to our expectations, more and more unionists came to realize that finding a way forward is needed.

L.A. 8 case ends in full exoneration

On Nov. 1, attorneys for the two last remaining defendants in the famous “Los Angeles 8” case announced an agreement with the Department of Homeland Security, whereby all government proceedings against the two Palestinian immigrants would be dropped. This ended a 20-year ordeal

Jena Six plea: Not guilty!

Jena Six defendant Bryant Purvis pleaded not guilty to reduced charges of aggravated second-degree battery in his arraignment before the LaSalle Parish Court in Jena, La., Nov. 7.

Not everyone wanted to bomb Hiroshima

Paul W. Tibbets Jr., retired brigadier general and former businessman, died on Nov. 1. He’ll forever be remembered for what he unleashed the morning of Aug. 6, 1945. That day Tibbets’ B-29 dropped an atomic bomb on the Japanese city of Hiroshima. The blast, fire and radiation killed 140,000 people. Many others were scarred and injured for life. Most of the bomb’s victims were women, children, the elderly and other civilians not directly involved in the war.


LETTERS: November 17

Celebrating revolution Truth about CAFTA Rates were spelled out Texas sets records Deaths in prisons Thanksgiving week — No PWW

Entitlement cuts are back

When you hear the term “entitlement programs,” watch out. When you hear the word “bipartisan” attached to that term, doubly watch out.

Students rally for affordable birth control

NEW YORK — Dozens of New York University students, elected officials and other advocates rallied in Washington Square Park, Nov. 12, to call for restoring affordable birth control at college health centers and at family planning centers that serve low-income women.

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