NAACP: treatment of Black youth an emergency

The NAACP has declared a “state of emergency” in the criminal justice system’s brutal mistreatment of Black youth across the nation. The declaration cites the zealous over-prosecution of the Jena Six teenagers in Louisiana, the killing by guards of Martin Lee Anderson, 14, at a Florida boot camp last year and the Oct. 4 beating and pepper-spraying of Shelwanda Riley, 15, for curfew violation in Fort Pierce, Fla.

Health care struggle continues in California

The struggle over health care reform in California goes on, following Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s veto last month of health care legislation passed by both houses of the Democratic-led Legislature and backed by the state’s labor federation and a broad coalition of health care organizations.

UAW members strike Navistar

Four thousand UAW members at 11 local unions in six states have been on strike since Oct. 23 against International Truck and Engine, maker of Navistar trucks, in response to the company’s unfair labor practices.

Autoworkers shift fight to Ford

With contract approval at Chrysler, the United Auto Workers is shifting gears to Ford, the third company with which it needs to hammer out a new contract.

Kucinich assails privatized Medicare rackets

CLEVELAND — Blasting the insurance and drug company “rackets” that are draining Medicare, Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) urged seniors here to get active in the fight to preserve and expand the besieged federal health care system.

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