Chinas party congress stresses balanced growth

The 17th Congress of the Communist Party of China was held Oct. 15-19 in Beijing. Over 2,200 delegates, representing 73 million party members, discussed far-reaching goals for economic, political, social and international work. Amendments were made to the party’s constitution. Lastly, central committee members were elected by secret ballot and a new top leadership was announced.

Death penalty widely seen as fatally flawed

Only 15 minutes before Earl Wesley Berry was to be executed by lethal injection in Mississippi’s Parchman state prison, the U.S. Supreme Court issued a stay of execution. The high court has recently blocked three executions.


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Civil liberties advocates urge defeat of Mukasey

WASHINGTON — Defenders of the Bill of Rights called on the U.S. Senate, Nov. 6, to reject Michael Mukasey, President Bush’s choice to replace the disgraced Alberto Gonzales for U.S. attorney general. They cited Judge Mukasey’s evasive answers on whether waterboarding — the practice of repeatedly bringing a prisoner to the point of drowning — is torture, suggesting that he will continue Gonzales’ practice of trashing the Constitution to satisfy Bush’s drive for total power.

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