Communists call for urgent action on crisis

NEW YORK — Communist Party USA leaders meeting here Nov. 15-16 celebrated the election of Barack Obama, the nation’s first African American president, and of stronger Democratic majorities in Congress, saying it opened the way to progressive advances for America’s working families.


Choosing equalitys side

DALLAS — The amazing election results on Nov. 4 have given North Texans, and probably everybody else, enough confidence to enlist in our own local part of the ongoing class and democracy war. For example, it is nothing unusual for church leaders to preach gay-baiting hatred in Texas, but Dallasites are showing that they don’t intend to lie down for it any more.


Bold action needed to rebuild America and create jobs, progressives tell Congress

WASHINGTON — Union leaders and progressive lawmakers at a Nov. 18 conference on Capitol Hill called for emergency action to assist jobless workers and as much as $900 billion for a massive public works jobs program.

Studs Terkel, an Everyman who loved people

TUCSON -- I’ve been listening to various tributes about Studs Terkel, and, because he’s someone I met a few times and thought very highly of, I wanted to take a minute to make my own. I’m especially thinking about this as Tucson gets ready to observe its yearly All Souls Procession.

Last minute Bush push threatens workers, consumers and environment

The Bush administration is in a midnight frenzy, churning out a stream of regulations designed to cement its right-wing legacy of damage to the environment and attacks on workers and consumers. If successful, a virtual dream list of ultra-conservative wishes could go into effect, saddling both the incoming Obama administration and the American people for a long time to come.