Obama administration pressures banks on housing crisis

The Obama administration announced today stepped up measures to persuade big banks to help strapped mortgage holders.


For Black males it’s a depression

While the country struggles with double-digit unemployment Black males face jobless rates that are twice as bad.


Clergy deliver prayers to Sen. Joe Lieberman

An interfaith group of clergy and supporters rallied at Sen. Joe Lieberman's Hartford office Tuesday to present hundreds of personal prayers in support of health care reform.

Francisco “Paco” Rodriguez, Chicago boxer dies after brutal fight

The boxing community here is mourning the death of Francisco "Paco" Rodriguez, 25, who died over the weekend due to repeated blows to the head after a brutal boxing match in Philadelphia.


States reap benefits with health reform

Blanche Lincoln and Joe Lieberman took center stage in the health care debate this past week.


Students occupy university building to protest fee hikes

Students occupied Wheeler Hall on the University of California campus in Berkeley, protesting a decision by university regents to raise fees.

House hearing debates Cuba travel

A bill to end the Cuba travel ban got a lively debate in a House committee last week.


CT NAACP calls on Lieberman to support health bill

A Connecticut delegation of civil rights groups met with Senator Joseph Lieberman's staff yesterday to urge the Senator to support comprehensive health care reform.


Wall Street vote delayed as Black Caucus demands help for poor

Members of the Congressional Black Caucus  persuaded House Finance Services Committee chairman, Rep. Barney Frank to delay a vote on the systemic risks bill.


Companies cashing in on flu epidemic

 The government may have to step in to ensure companies are not using the swine flu epidemic to rip off those who come down with the flu.

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