Stadium opening marked by mascot protests

GRAND FORKS, N.D. - 'I'm a human being, not a mascot!' read a placard carried by a young Lakota Indian here Oct. 5. She was protesting the 'Fighting Sioux' nickname of University of North Dakota (UND) sports teams and a hockey arena plastered with thousands of reproductions of an Indian-head logo.

CPUSA strategizes to end terrorism and war

NEW YORK - Communist activists gathered here Oct. 20-21 for the first National Committee meeting since the body's election at the CPUSA's convention in early July.

Stop Sharon's war

The following is a statement by the Communist Party of Israel.

Hundreds of thousands march in Rome, Calcutta and around the world

Reports from peace rallies in Rome, Calcutta and Toronto.

French unions offer solutions

The following is a statement by the Confederation Generale du Travail (CGT), the French trade union federation.

Great tragedies and the new war danger

There have been many, many tragedies in the world in our time. Of course, the latest tragedy is the terrorist act which took place in New York and Washington, D.C. This tragedy shook the American people up to what the horrible loss of life can mean to our people and the nation as a whole.

ILWU opposed to screening of waterfront workers

Under the pervasive blanket of 'national security,' Congress and the White House House are hastily preparing to reinstitute a program of screening waterfront workers with background checks that go back as far as 10 years regarding such matters as arrests for drugs, petty crimes, or other 'improper activities.'

Building a broad U.S. peace movement

In reaction to Bush's war in Afghanistan a new U.S. peace movement has arisen. It is spontaneous, politically diverse, dispersed throughout the country and reflects the basic sentiments of the U.S. peace forces at this point.

Where are we after September 11?

The following is an excerpt from a report to the Communist Party's national committee, elected at its convention in July. The national committee met Oct. 20-21 in New York.

Berkeley City Council calls for end to bombing

BERKELEY, Calif. - The Berkeley City Council voted Oct. 21 to call on the U.S. government to 'bring the bombing of Afghanistan to a conclusion as quickly as possible.' The vote was five in favor, with four abstentions.

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