Israeli wall called obstacle to peace

The Israeli Cabinet approved and released last week a map of the wall it calls a “security barrier.”

Complexities in Iraq today

The following is an excerpted letter from the Iraqi Communist Party issued on Oct. 18. To see the letter in full go to www.iraqcp.org

First visit of U.S. unionists to occupied Iraq

Stop violating labor rights CHICAGO – Two U.S. trade unionists just back from Iraq say they hope their trip is the beginning of cooperation and solidarity between the U.S. labor movement and Iraq’s newly re-established unions.

Labor-based peace coalition maps plans

CHICAGO – Teamster Local 705 hosted some 200 delegates and guests who met here Oct. 24-25 to plan the future of a labor-based peace coalition. On the agenda were proposals for a mission statement, structure, leadership, voting and other aspects of formalizing the inner workings of the organization.

No end in sight for Bushs Iraq mess

The much-anticipated international donors’ conference on Iraq, like the United Nations resolution adopted earlier in the month, failed to help the White House out of what Newsweek’s Nov. 3 cover story calls “Bush’s $87 billion mess.”

Protests across the nation: Bring the troops home

WASHINGTON – In the first major antiwar protest since Bush declared an end to combat operations in Iraq on May 1, tens of thousands marched near the White House Oct. 25 carrying placards reading, “Bush lied, thousands died” and chanting, “End the occupation now – Bring the troops home!” (click here for Spanish text)