Carole Collier Florida freedom fighter is mourned

“The word a lot of people used to describe my mother is independent,” said her daughter, Robin Ballin of Annapolis, Md. “But she also had that southern warmth. She fought against injustice wherever she was.” LARGO, Fla. – Carole Collier, chairperson of the Communist Party of Florida and a tireless advocate for equality, peace and socialism, passed away Sept. 28. She was 84.

Keep the pressure on for peace and justice

Opinion Because of the growing opposition to the Iraq war, the state of the U.S. economy and deep concerns about new threats to democratic rights, things are moving to the left.

Iraq war a house of cards Low troop morale puts pressure on Bush

Widening reports of low morale among U.S. troops are adding to pressures on the Bush administration to find a bailout for its failed Iraq policy.

$87 billion for war: senseless & reckless

Congress voted to approve the Bush administration’s $87 billion package for the occupation and reconstruction of Iraq and Afghanistan, but not without vocal and sometimes vehement opposition by lawmakers and peace activists.