International notes

Asia: Coca-Cola workers mobilize / Russia: Bauxite miners win big / Greece: Strikes paralyze capital / Venezuela: Chavez says, ‘Celebrate resistance’

Pressure builds for probe of Bush WMD distortions

One year after it authorized use of the Armed Forces to defend the nation against the alleged “threat posed by Iraq and to enforce all relevant United Nations Security Council Resolutions,” Congress is considering an additional $87 billion for the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Rights activist gets Nobel Prize

The awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to Iranian human rights activist and lawyer, Shirin Ebadi, on Oct. 10, has significant internal and international implications for the development of political events in Iran.

No votes urged on Bush Iraq bill

With a congressional vote expected shortly on President Bush’s $87 billion request for the occupation of Iraq, a growing number of lawmakers have announced they will vote against it.