The Thrill and the Agony This week in sports by Chas Walker

Rushing the quarterback What did ESPN expect? On their “Sunday NFL Countdown” pre-game show on Sept. 28, newly-hired commentator Rush Limbaugh offered his “analysis” of Philadelphia Eagles star quarterback Donovan McNabb, who is Black.

Elizabeth Hall dies at 94

Elizabeth Hall, a leader in the Communist Party USA and widow of Gus Hall, head of the CPUSA for over four decades, died Oct. 8 at the home of her daughter, Barbara Conway, with whom she had lived in recent years.

Mellencamps Trouble No More targets Bush

Music review Trouble No More, by John Cougar Mellencamp, Sony, $18.98 “And he wants to fight with Many; And he say it’s not for oil.” Those are the words in “To Washington,” a song written by John Mellencamp in his new CD titled Trouble No More.

Confession of a union buster

Book review Confessions of a Union Buster, by Martin Jay Levitt, Crown Publishers Inc., 302 pp., hardcover, $25. Martin Jay Levitt joined the union-busting business in 1969. He was 25 years old, divorced, living with his parents, and in need of fast cash. The seduction was too much. Besides, like his first union-busting boss told him, “We do the Lord’s work.”