Bush vs. Kerry on job growth

If you are like most working people in the U.S. today, your job security has never, it seems, been shakier. Never mind the huge job losses under Bush’s watch: whole careers, entire trades, have been swept away in the span of a few years.

Housing discrimination alive and well in Alameda

A series of tests with pairs of Black and white investigators has revealed a high level of housing discrimination against African Americans in the city of Alameda, Calif., the nonprofit organization Sentinel Fair Housing said last week.

International notes

South Africa: Corporate pay hikes ‘shock’ unions / Spain: Protesters block NATO train / Germany: GM workers return to the job / East Timor: Clash with Australia on oil / Colombia: Huge nationwide protests / Colombia: Huge nationwide protests

Protests continue vs. U.S. bases in Japan

On Oct. 14, Okinawa’s Ginowan City Assembly unanimously adopted a resolution protesting the U.S. Marine Corps’ resumption of CH53D helicopter flights — the same type of helicopter that crashed into a building at Okinawa State University on Aug. 13.

Mexico readying to oust the right wing?

News Analysis Political turmoil in Mexico may portend a leftward motion.

Women will lead turnout

WASHINGTON (PAI) — Thanks to massive voter registration drives, issues campaigns, get-out-the-vote efforts and record opportunities for voting early, there should be a large jump in voter turnout for this year’s election, several top analysts say.

Texans wary of touch-screen

DALLAS — Americans are closely watching the computerized voting machines that are expected to record one-third of the votes in the presidential election.

Rally on the Range

HIBBING, Minn. — An enthusiastic crowd of 5,000-7,000 Iron Rangers packed the Hibbing Memorial Building Oct. 19 to hear Democratic vice-presidential candidate John Edwards. The crowd was warmed up with anti-Bush chants like: “Like father, like son — one term and you’re done!”

Philadelphia revs up to get out the vote

PHILADELPHIA — More than 100,000 people filled the center of the city here Oct. 25 to welcome Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry and former President Bill Clinton. Just two days earlier in the same city the Black Radical Congress (BRC) hosted a forum to get out the vote on Election Day.

National Clips

SMITHERS, W.Va.: Coal miners picket for health care / FRANKFORT, Ky.: Teachers save their health care / WASHINGTON: Anti-Patriot Act resolutions dwarf Act itself / LAS VEGAS, Nev.: Early voting signals huge turnout

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