City workers win rights in right-to-work city

SAN ANTONIO — Members of Service Employees International Union Local 1967 are engaged in a vigorous campaign to educate city workers here about their rights to safe working conditions, clear promotion and training policies, affordable insurance, and consultation with city management about collective grievances.

California Latinos face big wage gap

Even though Latino workers in California have won substantial wage increases over the past 25 years, the gap between their average annual income and those of all other workers in the state has widened, according to a September report from the California Budget Project.

International notes

Global: Youth unemployment soaring / Nigeria: Strike ends with a warning / Canada: Wal-Mart questions unionized store’s future / Pakistan: Workers hold protest day / Bolivia: Peasants march on the capital

Huge antiwar rally floods Londons streets

LONDON — Over 100,000 peace campaigners from across Europe converged on Trafalgar Square Oct. 17 to demand an end to the illegal occupation of Iraq.

The Cubans are coming! Or are they?

This is a story about traveling Cubans — one group to Haiti, the other (or so they hoped) to the United States.

Oct. 25: Protect Ohios votes!

Republicans peddle terrorist fear, but they mainly fear the American people. As this week’s PWW cover stories point out, GOP operatives are trying to steal or block the anti-Bush vote in Florida, Nevada, and elsewhere.

Hospitality workers welcome support

Haitian-born hip-hop singer Wyclef Jean joined thousands of union and community activists rallying in Atlantic City Oct. 16 in support of 10,000 striking UNITE HERE casino and hotel workers.

National Clips

KEENE, Calif.: Farm workers demand safe environment / NEW YORK CITY: Raise the standard of living / ERIE, Pa.: Religious leaders defend Jewish temple / MONTGOMERY, Ala.: Supreme Court candidate speaks to KKK

In Philly: Teachers sign contract

PHILADELPHIA — After six weeks of extensions, members of the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers (PFT) approved a four-year contract with the school district Oct. 14.

Bushs assault on civil rights

One key measurement of a president’s commitment to democracy is his (or her) commitment to civil rights. The following is a brief review of George W. Bush’s poor civil rights record.

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