George Harrison, Irish American activist, 89

A capacity crowd filled the mid-town Manhattan auditorium of SEIU 1199, Oct. 20, to honor the memory of George Harrison, a lifelong Irish Republican, anti-imperialist activist, socialist, and People’s Weekly World supporter. Harrison died on Oct. 6 at the age of 89.

Floridians to vote on minimum wage hike

On Tuesday, Nov. 2, Florida voters will have the chance to raise wages for over 300,000 minimum wage workers in the state by voting to raise the minimum wage to $6.15 per hour.

Monster Mash legend fights to save areas under Bush attack

Music Review WASHINGTON — The song that defines Halloween for many — “Monster Mash” — is being brought back to life today with the help of the original recording artist.

Tracking Bushs assault on the environment

Book Review Crimes Against Nature: How George W. Bush and His Corporate Pals Are Plundering the Country and Hijacking our Democracy By Robert F. Kennedy Jr. HarperCollins, 2004 Hardcover, 244 pp., $21.95

9/11 and the decline of our democracy

Opinion President Bush has taken over 9/11, to use whenever it serves his purposes. He seeks to own it all — except the acknowledgment that he and his war cabinet were accessories.

In dark and hopeful times, we shall overcome

Opinion These are dark and hopeful times — dark because the Bush administration is waging an endless war in the face of worldwide opposition, but hopeful because it has brought us together.

Protect the vote! 1-866-OUR-VOTE

Opinion With widespread predictions of a close national election, an unprecedented wave of new voter registration and new voting systems in place, the potential for problems is high.

The vote is the central issue in 2004

Opinion Both personality and issues will affect who is elected president in 2004. Most agree George W. Bush’s personality and John Kerry’s issues are most appealing. Both are focused on getting votes — however, there may actually be something more fundamental.

From COINTELPRO to the Patriot Act: The long battle for justice and civil liberties

COINTELPRO’s “aim was to neutralize the movement, to disrupt legal activities. Dozens were murdered or assassinated. The result was that effective movements for social change were disrupted and in some cases destroyed.”

Vote or die is no joke

The phrase “Vote or Die” is a favorite among young voters and meant to get them to the polls. For health care activists, this is not an empty phrase but a grim reality. The policies of the Bush administration, if not stopped, will bring suffering and death to tens of thousands.

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