United workers find out what Bush means

After 9/11, the Airline Transportation Stabilization Board was established to help airlines most affected by the tragedy. United lost two airplanes, 18 crew members and 89 passengers and soon found itself in bankruptcy.

The politics of human stem cell research

What would make the son of a late Republican president take to the podium of the Democratic National Convention and speak against the present GOP president, someone his father would have endorsed? Or to have his mother, a staunch Republican who frequently broke bread with the most right-wing elements of her party, get on that same bandwagon?

527s and the political process

Numbers, numbers, numbers. In the news lately, we’re hearing a new number, the 527.

Kerry cites Top 10 Bush tax proposals

NEW YORK (AP) — Democrat John Kerry joked on “The Late Show with David Letterman” about changes under President Bush’s tax plan, including that Vice President Dick Cheney can claim the president as a dependent.

Laundry workers describe work hazards

ST. LOUIS — “We have lots of health and safety issues within our plant,” Yvonne Wolcott, a laundry worker, told over 200 people attending the second national Jobs with Justice Workers Rights Board hearing held here Sept. 22.

International notes

Haiti: Hurricane deaths exceed 2,000 / Korean Peninsula: U.S. redeployment ‘provocative’ / Mexico: Unemployment soars / Canada: Farm workers suffer / China: Farmers’ income up / Malawi: Police fire on protesting tea workers

Palestinian children and society at risk

News Analysis Israel often portrays the children of Palestine as terrorists, as faceless stone throwers. Yet they are much like children anywhere else.

Cuba and world politics: a brief roundup

Cuba on Sept. 24 called for revitalizing the Non-Aligned Movement to forge a common front to defend the interests of their peoples and their right to development and peace.

Pages from workers lives

Hard line skinners I was a teamster of experience in logging and grading camps and in general hauling and ranch work. My driving philosophy was to make friends with my animals, and it worked well, horses and mules being quick to appreciate a considerate driver. So when I was given four mules, I applied my regular formula and everything went fine.

Three DeLay pals indicted in Texas

AUSTIN, Texas — A Texas grand jury here Sept. 21 indicted three Republican operatives for money laundering and illegal corporate contributions to Republican candidates for the state House of Representatives in 2002.

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