15th Ibero-American Summit supports Cuba

Nineteen Latin American nations, plus Spain, Portugal and Andorra, sent high-level representatives to Salamanca, Spain, Oct. 14-15. The occasion was the 15th Ibero-American Summit.

Millions More Movement draws thousands to D.C.

Hurricane Katrina thrust racial disparities onto the nation’s political agenda and top civil rights leaders, fueled by outrage over the disaster, headed to Washington Oct. 15. The occasion was the 10th anniversary of Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan’s Million Man March, a long-planned event that shaped up as a stage for Black America to respond to the devastation in New Orleans.

British playwright and war critic awarded Nobel Prize

In announcing the 2005 Nobel Prize for Literature, Horace Engdahl, chairman of the Swedish Academy, said that British playwright Harold Pinter was an artist “who in his plays uncovers the precipice under everyday prattle and forces entry into oppression’s closed rooms.”

Good Night, and Good Luck a must see

With “Good Night, and Good Luck,” George Clooney proves once and for all he’s more than just a pretty face. With this film, his second as director, he shows himself to be smart, courageous, politically savvy — and a hell of a storyteller.

Robert Owens money problem

New Lanark is one of the big tourist attractions in the south of Scotland. Designated a world heritage site by the UN, it is an almost perfectly preserved model industrial village run by Robert Owen 200 years ago. It has a large and elegant school building, an “Institute for the Formation of Character,” workers’ houses and the original mills. An exhibition and theme ride puts across some of the basic facts about Owen, the pioneer of socialism, trade unionism and the cooperative movement.

Will science lose to intelligent design?

The religious right is increasing efforts to force its dogmatic beliefs onto American society. Its agenda includes efforts in many states to force the teaching of religion in public schools. Its adherents argue that evolution is not a discipline of science but “only a theory,” and that “intelligent design” (formerly “creationism”) should have an equal place in public education.

Editorial: No gas shutoffs!

Throughout much of the United States, home heating in winter is as much a necessity as food, clothing and a roof over one’s head. With oil and natural gas prices rising steadily in recent years, thousands of families have faced cruel choices as the temperature drops — whether to heat their homes or buy food, medicine or gas to get to work.

Editorial: Blood on their hands

One thing is clear about special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald’s investigation of White House officials: the Iraq war lies and cover-up are vast and ugly. Bush administration officials have blood on their hands. And so do The New York Times and its reporter Judith Miller.

Lifting the curtain: Immigrant detention centers in U.S. charged with abuse

A recent Associated Press article sheds light on how human beings are treated when they are detained by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). The AP article reports allegations that as many as six federal Homeland Security deportation agents assaulted and tortured a shackled Nigerian man at the ICE facility in Oklahoma City. ICE officials have denied widespread abuse of detainees. The FBI is investigating

Heat or eat?

MUSKEGON HEIGHTS, Mich. — Earlier this year President Bush enacted an energy bill into law that gave $85 billion dollars to big oil and gas companies. This month, the Republican-controlled House of Representatives gave billions more in tax breaks to the oil industry while doing nothing to lower gas prices.

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