New Jersey Court Stops Short of Marriage Equality

Wednesday, Oct. 25, the New Jersey Supreme Court unanimously ruled that same-sex couples have a constitutional right to the same state benefits, protections, and obligations as different-sex couples. The court split, however, on how to remedy current state law.

San Jose, Calif., mayoral race hangs in balance

With a poll earlier this month showing the candidates neck-and-neck, San Jose’s nonpartisan mayoral contest between City Councilmembers Cindy Chavez and Chuck Reed has become a real cliff-hanger.


The Founding Fathers views on church and state

The right is fond of invoking the views of “the founding fathers,” but on church-state issues they run into a problem: The founding fathers themselves inserted language into the Constitution that prohibited any “religious test” for persons holding federal office, and later added the famous language in the First Amendment forbidding the “establishment of religion.”

EDITORIAL: Health care on the agenda

From door-knockers to phone bankers to families sitting around the kitchen table, pre-election conversation reflects a deep unease with the economy.


Governor race is one to watch in Bay State

The big electoral news here in Massachusetts is the fight for the governor’s office, largely between Democrat Deval Patrick and the Republican Lt. Gov. Kerry Healy. Two other candidates in the race are independent Christy Mihos, who originally was planning on running as a Republican, and Green-Rainbow candidate Grace Ross. All four have participated in the debates.

Arizona poised to rout Republicans

TUCSON, Ariz. — In spite of last week’s U.S. Supreme Court decision that cleared the way for Arizona to require voters to show identification before casting a ballot, public opinion polls show several incumbent right-wing congressmen in deep trouble.


Ohio lashes out at Republicans: Minimum wage measure gives boost to turnout

CLEVELAND — Voters in Ohio, the bellwether state that gave George W. Bush the presidency by a slim margin, are poised to deliver a major rebuke to the Republican Party in the Nov. 7 elections.


Voter revolt could topple GOP: Labor spearheads fight for southern Senate seats

Harold Ford, Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate from Tennessee, is a “favorite son” of AFSCME Local 1733, a lawmaker with a 100 percent voting record in support of working families in the Memphis district he has represented for 10 years in Congress.

N.J. Supreme Court marriage ruling a step forward

The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force recognizes as a step forward today’s unanimous New Jersey Supreme Court decision holding that denying rights and benefits to same-sex couples that are statutorily given to heterosexual couples violates the state’s constitution.

Katrina may have been a harbinger

A year after hurricanes Katrina and Rita devastated the Gulf Coast, I thought I’d take a look back (like everyone else) and see how we as a country and as an industry have fared since. In doing so I came across a recent study by the Institute for Women’s Policy Research titled “The Women of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast: Disadvantages and Key Assets for Recovery, Part II. Gender, Race and Class in the Labor Market,” which confirmed some of my apprehensions.

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