South Dakota ban: taking the long view

Some voters believe South Dakota's ban on nearly all abortions “goes too far” because there is no rape or incest exception. Polls show that the ban would be approved if it had those exceptions, even without a health exception and without regard for other circumstances of women’s lives.


Shifting voter mood sharpens battle for Congress

Karl Rove’s fear factor is falling flat. Yes, the threat of terrorism is a scare, but a lot of folks are getting even more scared by the combination of Bush in the White House and a Republican-controlled Congress.


RNs threaten strike for union rights Dues up – sign of determination $1 billion in red tape Ship this, FedEx Sleaze disease

Tainted spinach: experts say govt regulation needed

WASHINGTON (AP) — The recent outbreak of E. coli in spinach from California exposed a weakness in the nation’s food chain: A system that quickly delivers meat, fruits and vegetables to consumers just as easily can spread potentially deadly bacteria.


Goodyear workers strike to stop plant closings

PITTSBURGH — “How would you feel if you worked a lifetime to build a great company, made sacrifices to save the company and now are being told that the company, after paying millions in bonuses to top management and investing in low-wage countries, needs to close more American plants?

Trail of sleaze paved with corporate cash

WASHINGTON — “Under the Influence,” an Oct. 9 report by Public Citizen’s Congress Watch, exposes the torrent of corporate cash pouring into the coffers of Republican incumbents scrambling to stave off defeat in the Nov. 7 election.