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Two provocative movies

Reviews of Gabriel Range's bold and controversial “D.O.A.P” and Spike Lee’s compelling and moving “When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts.”


Tomato workers order justice from McDonald’s Historians hold teach-ins on Iraq war Illinois schools plan to dump Coke Law students defend youth against ‘Cocaine’



Racism and Illinois 6th CD

Barring an October surprise, the Republican ultra-right is staring at a potential historic defeat on Election Day, one that will create a more favorable environment for labor and its allies to wage the fight for a new agenda. The Republican Party is in emergency mode to save what seats it can.

EDITORIAL: Ghouls and goblins

Karl Rove, the political vampire of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, surely wishes he could reschedule Halloween to Nov. 7, turning the day we cast our ballots in the midterm elections into a ghoulish orgy of Republican tricks, dirty tricks.


Detroit medical students rally to save training program

DETROIT — The concept of “going to the doctor” for a mild health problem does not exist for many Americans. They are forced to wait until their condition has become an emergency before they can afford time away from work. Many times, by this point, the mild condition has become exponentially worse.

Unions on the move in North Carolina

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — “Unions seem to be becoming more and more active in North Carolina,” Jack Hawke, a former state Republican Party chairman, warned fellow conservatives at a recent Raleigh event. “And a lot of money is being thrown around this year.”


Goodyear strike solid Florida Wal-Mart workers walk off the job U.S. charged with int’l labor law violations Stuck with Stickler, mine safety down the shaft AK Steel workers won’t go back without pension guarantee Striking janitors sweep across Houston


Britain: Bosses bag big pay Israel: Students refuse military service Philippines: Bishop Ramento, gov’t critic, killed Kenya: College teachers strike over pay

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