2008 and the Iraq war

Last week I read a report that U.S. guards employed by a private security company fired into a car carrying four Iraqi people in Baghdad. The driver and a woman in the front seat were killed, while another woman and a child in the back seat survived this unprovoked shooting. This latest incident is sure to raise to a higher pitch the public outcry in the US as well as Iraq against these unconscionable atrocities and private security firms.


N.Y. labor mobilizes to end Iraq war

NEW YORK CITY — The mobilization for the Oct. 27 peace demonstration here is now in full swing. A significant number of New York-area labor unions have endorsed the action.


Thousands to march for peace Oct. 27

United for Peace and Justice, the largest antiwar coalition in America, has announced plans for 11 peace marches to take place around the nation on Oct. 27.