Editorial: Talking about race

Two conversations about race are taking place in our country. One is reviving the ugly past. The other is looking to a brighter future.

Letters: October 11

Taking issue Bailout Racism Who’s in the Electoral College?


The Great Election Swindle

“The Great Rock and Roll Swindle,” a movie that is alleged to be the true story of the ’70s punk rock band the Sex Pistols, tells a tale of how Malcolm McLaren, the band’s founder and manager, controlled the rise and fall of this infamous band.

OPINION: How to solve the mortgage meltdown

It had to happen: Some Republicans are trying to blame the Democrats for the mortgage meltdown, and for the stock exchange crisis that this has triggered, because Democratic politicians have allegedly pushed laws to make it easier for lower income, inner city householders to get mortgages. Also, some are asking what’s the big deal about owning property anyway? Wasn’t it presumptuous and stupid for people who are one paycheck away from poverty to take on mortgage debt they couldn’t afford?