WORLD NOTES: October 11

Colombia: Deaths, suffering mount Western Sahara: Independence struggle continues Israel: Departing leader opts for peace Japan: Anti-nuclear campaign grows Spain: Protest privatized health care Cuba: Support sought for hurricane recovery

Ecuador celebrates new constitution

“Today Ecuador has decided on a new country.” — President Rafael Correa President Correa had promised to resign if voters failed to approve Ecuador’s new constitution in the Sept. 28 referendum. That evening celebrations filled city streets as 64 percent of Ecuadorians affirmed the document, completed in July after eight months of deliberation by a constituent assembly. The no vote totaled 28 percent. Observers from the European Union, Andean Parliament, Carter Center and Organization of American States indicated that balloting by 10 million citizens — 165, 000 of them living in 47 foreign countries — unfolded peacefully and efficiently.