Obama calls for middle class bailout

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Braving chilly temperatures and the threat of rain, a crowd estimated by local media at 16,000 turned out Thursday morning to hear Barack Obama emphasize the need to bail out working families not just Wall Street.

What to know about your voting rights

Are you registered to vote? Where should you vote? Do you need ID? Should you vote early? How do you protect your rights?


Black Caucus: Predatory lending caused meltdown

WASHINGTON — “A crisis of credit, housing and jobs” is confronting the country today, warned Marc Morial, president of the Urban League, at a Congressional Black Caucus town hall meeting here Sept. 25. Headlined “Foreclosure Crisis: Repercussion, Reasons, and Real Solutions,” the meeting drew several hundred community leaders, officials and members of Congress.

As Detroit reels, council slams misplaced economic priorities, corporate greed

If we were in a medical crisis instead of an economic one, a triage would be set up and this city would be first in line for assistance. The Motor City, whose residents have produced so much wealth for so few, is hurting and in need of help. Since 2000, city officials say, the Detroit metropolitan area has lost 200,000 auto-related jobs and the city itself has gone from the highest rate of home ownership to the highest rate of home foreclosures.

Taking it to Wall Street: Rallies vs. bailout crowd 'the street'

NEW YORK—Unions, civil rights groups and community organizations called a series of protest rallies on Wall Street this week in response to President George Bush’s plan to bailout financial firms with no strings attached.

Latinos: Now is the time to vote

Latino groups and Spanish-language media companies are conducting a national campaign called “Ya Es Hora, Ve Y Vota,” which means “Now is the time, go and vote,” giving eligible voters tools to register online and telling them how to locate where they’re supposed to vote in November.


New South Africa president spurs hope for workers, poor

Workers and the poor of South Africa looked to “a new dawn” following the leadership upheaval in the country’s dominant party, the African National Congress. With only months left in his second and final term, Thabo Mbeki resigned as the country’s president, following a call by his own party to vacate the post. The decision by the party’s National Executive Committee followed a judge’s ruling throwing out fraud and bribery charges against ANC President Jacob Zuma.

Palin or Pelosi who represents the real West?

Sarah Palin knows how to hunt wolves. She can skin a moose. She lives way up there on America's last frontier. So, we might think, here's a national candidate who represents the 'real' American West, not its Hollywood imitation.

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