Labor begins march against plant closings in Youngstown

Over 2500 workers showed up in Niles Ohio for the first stop in a 500-mile march led by Ohio AFL-CIO leader, Joe Rugola. The rally was held at McManamy’s Banquet hall on Sunday, October 5th. The marchers, joined by local labor leaders and elected officials followed, a 15 mile course through closed down factories in the cities of Youngtown and Warren Ohio.


Paul Newman: more than blue eyes

Paul Newman, remembered for his acting, his famous blue eyes, his race car driving and his socially conscious, organic Newman’s Own foods, died Sept. 26 at the age of 83.


Pow! Bam! Comics give it to the system

While there are no longer comic racks in every corner store, comics are still around. More recently, comic book characters such as the Fantastic Four, Iron Man, Batman and Hellboy have enjoyed success in the movies. “Inside the World of Comics” is a timely, amusing collection of essays and interviews exploring comics from the perspective of writers, academics, artists, editors and readers.


How a globalized system creates illegality

Photojournalist and activist David Bacon provides us with a useful and readable account of undocumented migration to the United States.

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