Nurses ready to strike over swine flu safety

“When nurses are exposed to tuberculosis, the hospital notifies us. When nurses are exposed to head lice, the hospital notifies us. Why then are we not told when we are exposed to H1N1? Staff need to know if they have been exposed..."


Labor coalition pushes for financial reform

Americans for Financial Reform, a coalition of almost all the nation’s unions and more than 200 other organizations, is stepping up efforts this week to push for strong re-regulation of the finance industry.


Young workers are the future of America, says new labor official

Speaking at the “A Better Deal 2009” Demos conference Oct. 15, Liz Shuler, AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer, said fixing the economic crisis and the future of America depends on the leadership and active involvement of young people.


Fired workers say, ‘Not so fast!’

Companies that terminate workers in questionable ways are finding themselves in court, facing not just the employees they terminate but also the unions that represent them.


Quilt dramatizes housekeepers’ stories

Held aloft by hotel workers and community supporters, the Hope Quilt stretched down the block from the Grand Hyatt hotel’s entrance on a sunny October afternoon.


Teachers protest power play by chancellor

 Two blocks from the White House, hundreds of Washington D.C. public school teachers, parents, students and labor activists today responded with a resounding “no” to what many see as a brutal power grab by the Chancellor of the D.C. Public Schools, Michelle Rhee.


Workers charge Red Cross with unfair labor practices

ST. LOUIS – “I’ve worked 96 hours in a single week,” Jason Withey, a Red Cross driver from Buffalo, N.Y., told the World here on Oct. 8. “I could live better working at Wal-Mart.”


Thompson: Treatment of Stella d’Oro workers ‘disgraceful’

Brynwood Partners, which owns cookie-manufacturer Stella d’Oro has drawn the ire of city Comptroller and Democratic mayoral candidate Bill Thompson, who said the private equity firm’s actions are “disgraceful.


Farmworkers seek justice for tobacco cutters

Hundreds of delegates with the Farm Labor Organizing Committee (FLOC) convened in Toledo, Ohio, Oct. 3, during their 11th national convention.

Labor turns up the heat on health care

Labor leaders converge on Washington D. C. for days of lobbying for a public option.

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