New Yorkers protest education cuts

Teachers, students and others are horrified at the prospect of hundreds of millions of dollars worth of mid-year budget cuts to public education - and they're fighting back.


UC panel: Keep higher education public and affordable

BERKELEY, Calif. - Keeping California's public higher education both public and affordable was the theme as a star-studded panel gathered with hundreds of faculty members, students and concerned community members on the University of California campus here Oct. 26 to project a way forward in the face of the state's growing budget crisis.


Parents organize for Spanish-English translators in schools

Parents in New Haven, Conn., tell the school board it must provide translators at parent orientation meetings, raising the issue of language and equal education access.


N.M. teachers challenge corporate tax loopholes

Teachers, students and allies tell New Mexico lawmakers 'no cuts' to education.


Spending freeze, gay rights on Washington ballot

Voters have already received their mail ballots across the Evergreen State and the two hottest issues in the Nov. 3 election are I-1033, a rightwing measure to impose deep spending cuts, and another ballot question, R-71 to ratify the state legislature’s Domestic Partnership law.