Pelosi announces the House health plan

After months of struggle by a growing movement outside and inside the halls of Congress, House Democrats released a health care reform plan.


New Yorkers protest education cuts

Teachers, students and others are horrified at the prospect of hundreds of millions of dollars worth of mid-year budget cuts to public education - and they're fighting back.


Obama to sign hate crimes bill

Eleven years after Matthew Shepard’s brutal murder because he was gay, President Barack Obama will sign the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act into law this afternoon.


UC panel: Keep higher education public and affordable

BERKELEY, Calif. - Keeping California's public higher education both public and affordable was the theme as a star-studded panel gathered with hundreds of faculty members, students and concerned community members on the University of California campus here Oct. 26 to project a way forward in the face of the state's growing budget crisis.


Health reform and rural America

Health reform being considered in Congress now would address the special concerns of rural Americans, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius told reporters Tuesday, Oct 27th.


Connecticut health care advocates support Dodd

STAMFORD, CT - Health care, union and religious activists came together outside the Stamford Place Hilton recently to welcome President Obama to Connecticut and rally in favor of a strong public option with no taxation of healthcare benefits. Obama was in Connecticut for a fundraiser for Senator Chris Dodd.


Baltimore demands a public health care option

BALTIMORE - Several hundred community and labor activists rallied at the historic Senator Theater, demanding that Congress pass heath care reform that includes a public option.


New Haven marks International Day of Climate Action

Over 200 people braved rain and wind on the historic New Haven Green October 24 for International Day of Climate Action.


Protests rock Chicago bankers conference

CHICAGO — Chanting "ABA you're the worst, time to put the people first," over 1,000 people confronted the officers of some of America's biggest banks today, Oct. 26, on the second of three days of protest during an ABA (American Bankers Association) conference.


Honduran freedom fighter seeks American allies

Dr. Luther Castillo, Communications Secretary for the Committee to Oppose the Coup d'etat in Honduras, spoke recently at a meeting held in the Honduran immigrant community in Plano, Texas, on October 17. Castillo responded to a call from the Dallas Committee for the Restoration of Democracy in Honduras.

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