Civil rights leaders celebrate Rev. Joseph Lowery's 88th birthday

Thousands of Atlantans recently joined the Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin and a roll call of African American leaders including Rev. Jesse Jackson, Congressmen John Conyers and Walter Fauntroy to celebrate the 88th birthday of the Reverend Dr Joseph Lowery, co-founder of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) with Dr Martin Luther King.

‘Harvey Milk Day’ proclaimed in Calif.

The country’s first-ever day of recognition for an openly gay person has been signed into law by California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, along with other rights and protections for gay and lesbian Californians.


Rush Limbaugh’s Rams bid opposed by hometown

American football players, civil rights activists and labor leaders say any attempt by conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh to purchase the St. Louis Rams is unthinkable and would add insult to injury.


Senate committee passes health bill

After an eleventh hour push by health insurance lobbyists to derail reform by threatening to raise premiums if a reform bill passes, the Senate Finance Committee passed its version of a reform bill with a bipartisan majority.


EPA to probe weed-killer’s links to cancer, birth defects

In another break with Bush administration policies, the Environmental Protection Agency says it will investigate the health effects of one of the nation's most widely used weed-killers, atrazine.


Obama pledges to allow LGBT people to serve openly

Last Saturday, just one night before 150,000 gay rights supporters marched on the Capitol, President Obama pledged to end the ban on homosexuals serving openly in the military.


Critics not buying Newt Gingrich’s new site for Latinos

In an attempt to attract Latinos during Hispanic Heritage Month, Newt Gingrich has recently launched a new bilingual Web site aimed to counter “liberal” news and media outlets on the Internet


Coalition fights right-wing initiative in Washington state

Not for a long time has there been such a need for increased public spending to create jobs and rebuild infrastructure, not least here in Washington State saddled with 9.2 percent joblessness.


Detroiters turn out to question candidates

In a high poverty city with 30 percent unemployment, a lot of negatives abound.  But it would be very wrong to carry that description over to the people who live here.

Republican calls for lower wages

Michigan is an economic disaster zone.  No surprise there. Its auto dependent economy has taken a huge hit and the state has a 15.2 unemployment rate.

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