International notes

Colombia: Workers and youth protest government austerity, repression / Mexico: Paramilitaries arrested in Chiapas / Paraguay: Dozens hurt in anti-government protests / Korea: DPRK and Japan to resume talks / Thailand: ‘Light House’ workers win jobs back / Nigeria: Wages to rise in 2003

Nurses ban mandatory overtime in new contract

OAKLAND – The California Nurses Association (CNA) reached agreement, Sept. 12, on a new four-year contract with Kaiser Permanente, covering 10,200 registered nurses and nurse practitioners at 54 facilities in Northern California, that among other gains, banned mandatory overtime

Were standing strong against Yale

Workers Correspondence Workers at Yale-New Haven Hospital have been organizing for the right to a union for the past four years. Now, the unionized workers at the hospital and at Yale University are tying their contract settlements to this union drive.

August unemployment report: Things are NOT getting better

Writers who have appeared in this column have been among the most outspoken in challenging those who tell us the recession is over.

Fairness under assault in Nov. ballot measure

TACOMA – Gay and lesbian citizens here obtained some basic human rights when the city adopted an anti-discrimination ordinance, April 23. The ordinance made it illegal to fire somebody just because they’re thought to be gay, deny service in a restaurant to gay, lesbian or transgender people, or deny housing or evict somebody based on their gender identity or sexual orientation.

Cuban website launched vs terrorism

HAVANA (RadioHavanaCuba) – A new Cuban website was officially launched Sept. 14. The site, called, is a web portal devoted to providing up-to-date news, information and analysis on terrorism and acts of aggression against Cuba.

People gain in Arizona primaries

TUCSON – The tireless efforts of hundreds of grassroots volunteers dealt a blow to the corporate establishment here and their attempt to dominate Southern Arizona politics in the Sept. 10 primary election.

A history of Mexican Independence Day

As part of Latino Heritage month, Sept. 15 – Oct. 15, the PWW/Mundo will run articles about the working-class history, culture and politics of the diverse Latino communities in the U.S., as well as important facts about the countries of origin.

UAW Boeing workers vote to strike

PHILADELPHIA – Nearly 1,500 members of United Auto Workers (UAW) Local 1069 voted to strike at the Boeing plant in nearby Ridley Township, Penn., Sept. 14. Local 1069 President John De Francisco said, “I consider the company’s last best offer an insult and I think my members do also. It was the company’s intent to get us to settle for a sub-par contract.”

Iranian cyclists pedal for peace

NEW YORK – Peace-loving people here and in New Jersey welcomed two brave Iranian students who have been pedaling around the world with a message of peace and friendship for all nations.

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