Worker displacement: A fancy name for losing a job

Every three years since 1984 the Employment and Training Administration of the U.S. Department of Labor has released information on workers who were “displaced” from their jobs.

Salt of Earth school opens Sept. 14

TUCSON, Ariz. – Salt of the Earth Labor College has just released its schedule for Fall 2002. It is the school’s tenth year of educating workers and the progressive community here.

Evergreen labor slams war, hails Irene

SPOKANE, Wash. – This year’s convention of the Washington State Labor Council adopted several hard-hitting resolutions in the fight-back against the ultra-right. Convention delegates also honored long-time union activist Irene Hull, known to many as a proud member of the Communist Party.

International notes

Earth Summit: Unions urge more government responsibility / China: Government acts to cut unemployment / Mauritania: Drought-stricken land asks aid / Korea: Reconnecting diplomatic & transit arteries / Cuba: New website debuts Sept. 13 / Brazil: Lula says keep jobs at home

Sharons Chief of the Army

TEL AVIV – Who is the Chief of General Staff, the chief commander of the Israeli army? His name is Moshe Ya’alon, a professional soldier with the rank of a Lieutenant-General.

Havana hip hops to its own rhythm

HAVANA – In Cuba, young people call it “El Rap.” Just like in American cities, Cuban rappers sing about the concerns of their generation.

Bush met by protests

As President Bush travels to states Republicans view as key in this fall’s elections, raising millions for Republican candidates and appearing at carefully stage-managed events, often at taxpayer expense, he is increasingly being met by protests.

Senators get message: No war on Iraq

“I’m just an ordinary person who was reading the newspaper and said my voice is not being heard. That’s why I’m here,” Kevin McDermott told an Aug. 28 rally of several hundred in downtown Chicago to express opposition to the Bush administration’s war plans against Iraq.


The battle cry in Florida: Jeb must go!

PALM BEACH, Fla. – Hundreds of election campaigners who gathered here, Aug. 27, for a debate between Democratic candidates for Florida governor were divided on who should win the Sept. 10 primary. But they had a unanimous verdict for the incumbent: “Jeb Bush must go.”

The USA, the Brazilian people and the elections in Brazil

In the last two weeks, Brazil was visited by two important U.S. authorities – Assistant Secretary of State for Latin America Otto Reich and Secretary of the Treasury Paul O’Neill. They followed different but convergent schedules.

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