Visiting a hero

It was the last full weekend in August. Finally, we heard that four members of our family were granted visitor status at the Federal Correctional Institute McKean in Bradford, Pa.

Across the nation

South Dakota: Herseth takes lead in House race / Maine: UAW member campaigns at grassroots forum / Massachusetts: Latinos making history / Iowa: Jeffords campaigns for Harkin / Arizona: No War with Iraq / Tripping over the kids to answer the phone?

No strike at Boeing

In a campaign marked by company intimidation, government pressure, economic crisis and considerable confusion, Boeing Machinists voted down the “best and final” contract offer from the Boeing Company, but were unable to muster the two-thirds majority required to authorize a strike.

Bush war drive threatens all of humanity

The following is a statement of the Communist Party USA on the Bush war drive

Three-piece thugs

Opinion There is a long list of right-wing Republican stuff that I really don’t get.

Militant union rally rattles PBGC

A very loud, spirited and angry crowd of steelworkers and their supporters rallied outside the Federal Courthouse in Youngstown, Ohio, on Sept. 12, where an opening status hearing was taking place on the United Steelworkers of America’s (USWA) legal challenge to the Pension Benefits Guarantee Corporation’s (PBGC) unprecedented action denying shutdown pensions to RTI workers.


Mo. labor sets Senate race as top priority

ST. LOUIS – Delegates to the 21st semi-annual convention of the Missouri AFL-CIO left for home Sept. 17 united in their determination to return Jean Carnahan to the U. S. Senate in the Nov. 5 elections.

Activists converge: People before Profits

Activists converge: People before Profits. Please visit web sites

Kenneth Yablonski, UMWA reformer, dies

PITTSBURGH, Penn. – One of the legal champions of the rank-and-file fight to reform the United Mine Workers of America (UMWA) was attorney Kenneth Yablonski, 68, who died Sept. 8 in Washington County, Pa. This reform movement had an impact on the labor movement that can be seen even in today’s leadership of the AFL-CIO.

Health care for all

The following resolution was passed unanimously, September 12, by the Ohio AFL-CIO.

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