9/11 interfaith service calls for peace

PHILADELPHIA – Under the theme, “Unite for peace,” over 500 people gathered at the Arch Street Friends Meeting House here Sept. 11 for an interfaith service for Peace and Justice. After the service over 600 joined in a candlelight procession through Center City to Love Park.

Commemoration marks Pa. 9/11 crash

Shanksville, Pa. – The people’s temporary memorial to the victims of hijacked United Airlines Flight 93, which crashed here Sept. 11, 2001, sits atop a rugged hill, unbending in blustery wind.

D.C. march demands jobs, justice, peace

WASHINGTON – Behind a banner proclaiming “Jobs, Justice & Peace,” hundreds of demonstrators marched to the Justice Department Sept. 13 to protest the Bush administration’s attacks on civil liberties and its drive toward war on Iraq.

Steelworkers to bankrupt employers: Show me my money

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – Steelworkers’ anger rattled the window panes and a few security guards as 500 active, laid-off and retired workers jammed the sidewalk and steps in front of the federal courthouse here, Sept. 12, for the opening of an unprecedented bankruptcy case.

Puerto Rican gov. to Bush: Put it in writing

The governor of Puerto Rico, Sila María Calderón, called on President Bush to put his promise to end the Navy’s use of Vieques in writing by issuing an Executive Order that would stop use of the island for bombing practice by May 2003.

N. Calif. PWW to honor coalitions, labors priest

BERKELEY, Calif. – Labor and community organizations and leaders campaigning for living wages, workers’ rights and dignity on the job, peace and solidarity will be honored on Sunday, Oct. 13, at the People’s Weekly World/Nuestro Mundo gala banquet to raise money for the 2002 Fund Drive, launched Sept. 15.

FBI grills innocent family

BALTIMORE – In a case study of John Ashcroft’s “TIPS” program gone berserk, a neighborhood here was evacuated the night of Sept. 12 while the FBI grilled an innocent Arab-American man based on a false tip-off that he was building a bomb in his garage.

Iraq inspections pave way for peace

Iraq’s agreement to unconditional weapons inspections is a significant step forward, but the Bush administration’s negative reaction shows it wants to start a war regardless, former senator James Abourezk (D-S.D.) said Sept. 17.


Reprint President Bush and Republican Senate leaders stepped up their assault on workplace rights for the 170,000 employees of the proposed Homeland Security Department.

PWW/ Mundo fund drive begins

CHICAGO – Plans are underway across the country to raise money for the annual People’s Weekly World/Nuestro Mundo fund drive. The fund drive begins Sept. 15 and will run through Dec. 15.

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